Which shape does the year have?

Which days are the biggest ones?

How does Monday taste?

Everybody perceives the world differently and processes sensations in an individual way. Some people have their own definite orders in their mind.

Can sequences like numbers, months, days of the week be depicted in definite structures and shapes?

Are numbers or letters naturally connected with certain sensations?

Do certain perceptions or situations elicit colours, shapes or other things for you?

Please describe your sensations to us, preferably by drawing or painting them! We want to collect all kinds of things and present them on this web site. The contributions will constantly modify the site.

If we can collect enough material, we will present it in an exhibition.

From here, you can

  • look at pictures and texts
  • send us your own pictures
  • look at other WWW sites or references
  • send us a comment

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